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Before creating a connector for a given data source you'll need to collect the following information:

  • What is the type of data returned from the API?
  • Where is the API documentation? Do you have access to it?
  • What authentication modes does this API support?
  • Does your account have any kind of usage limits? (X requests per day, per hour, per minute?)
  • Is there a programatic representation of all API endpoints? (OpenAPI, Swagger)
  • Is this a structured data source or an unstructured data source?
  • What are the credentials for a test environment of this data source?

After you have obtained the above information, determine what data models from the data source you wish to include in your connector. There may be hundreds of data models, but only a few may contain PI. For each of these data models, you need to know the following information:

  • What are the fields for this data model? What are the types of those fields? (ex: name=string, age=number)
  • What endpoint gives the records of this data model? (ex: /animals/)
  • What endpoint allows you to lookup a single record of this data model given an id? (ex: /animals/1)
  • What endpoint allows you to search for records in this data model matching criteria? (ex: animals/search?type=cat)

You now have all the information required to build a connector.