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In this article, you'll learn:

  • The different places to publish BigID Apps and Connectors
  • The requirements for publishing on the BigID Marketplace and Community
  • How to publish on the BigID Marketplace and Community

BigID apps and connectors can be distributed ad-hoc, but we offer two channels for you to publish applications to a larger BigID audience: The BigID Marketplace and the BigID Community

Should I publish on the Marketplace or Community?

The BigID Marketplace is a place where you can post applications that you've created for sale. You gain the exposure of being on the place for BigID Apps and revenue when someone purchases your app. In return, you need to provide support for the application. The marketplace also has additional terms you can view on the Publish/Marketplace Guidelines page. Your application will also undergo a technical and review process.

The BigID community is a location for the free exchange of ideas. Apps on the community are free and open source by definition. This also means that they have varying levels of support. Some applications may have bugs and it's up to the user to perform due diligence and maintenance on them. In return, users get free applications and can contribute to the free exchange of ideas.

If your app:

  • Will be sold - Post on the Marketplace
  • Will have support provided by you - Post on the Marketplace
  • Will be unsupported - Post on the Community

How do I post on the community?

  1. Request a BigID Community Account at
  2. Email the name of your application, a description, and the associated Github Repo to the Community Manager

How do I post on the marketplace?

  1. Email [email protected] to receive the BigID Developer agreement and have the developer flag added to your BigID account.
  2. Log into the Marketplace with your BigID account.
  3. Navigate to the Submit a Solution tab.
  4. Click "New Solution" to start creating a new BigID App.
  5. Enter the following information:
    • Title of Solution
    • Category Type
    • Free or Paid
    • Technical Version
  6. Click the "Submit for Code" button in order to get an App Verification code.
  7. In your application manifest, create a new property named "license_verification_key" and set its value to the App Verification code.
    Remember to rebuild your application so this value is reflected in the final build submitted to us.
  8. Package your application into a zip file containing the following:
    • image.tar.gz - The docker image for your app
    • docker-compose.yaml - The docker-compose file for your application with all needed services defined
    • chart.tar.gz - The helm chart for your application
  9. Return to the Marketplace Submit a Solution tab.
  10. Upload the zip file created above in the technical section, upload your marketing information and Setup and Configuration Guide (sample here).
  11. Submit your application for review