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Who are ConnectorDev Classes for?

BigID ConnectorDev classes are for individuals who already know how to program but don't know how to create a BigID Connector That doesn't look the same for everyone.

To fully understand the class, attendees should:

  • Have an understanding of what they want to build
  • Understand a C-style programming language. The class is in TypeScript, but knowledge of C++, C#, Java, or another programming language is enough.
  • Previous experience building REST APIs
  • Knowledge of OAuth2, SAML, and other authorization mechanisms

People who have been most successful in creating BigID Connectors have knowledge of both BigID and the system they are attempting to connect to. This requires not just technical knowledge, but business knowledge of the data inside the external data source.

What does this cost?

ConnectorDev classes are free for BigID Partners.

How do I sign up?

You can then register for the ConnectorDev Pro course on the BigID Education Registration site.