From BigID Developer Portal

In this article, you'll learn:

  • Where to find connector installation instructions
  • How to use a connector within BigID

First, you'll need to install your connector onto a server. Many people have a dedicated server for Apps and Connectors, other people just install them directly onto the BigID App server. Where you install the connectors depends on the resources of your BigID App server. Wherever they are installed, BigID connectors must be network accessible from your scanners.

Since BigID connectors can be created in any language and with any deployment methodology, installing the connector may differ. What won't differ is where you find out how to install a connector. Connectors obtained from the marketplace will have a Setup and Support guide that details the steps to install them. Connectors obtained from the BigID community will have a file detailing this information.

Once you have your connector installed on a server, we can install it within BigID.

  1. Once logged into BigID, navigate to Administration > Data Source
  2. Select + New Data Source
  3. If your connector is for an unstructured data source, select "GRA Unstructured". Otherwise select, "Generic REST API"
  4. Enter the server URL of your REST connector into the "Generic server URL" field
  5. Fill out any other parameters as described in your connector's README.
  6. Test your connection and save