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In this article, you'll learn:

  • What BigID integration options are available
  • When would you use a BigID integration option
  • Where to go to get educational materials on each option

With the BigID data intelligence platform, you can bring our data intelligence anywhere. Each of our three integration options is designed for a different use case.

BigID API[edit]

The BigID API allows you to do anything you can do through the BigID UI programmatically. That could be adding data sources, running DSAR requests from an external privacy portal, or even extracting insights to a data science tool like Tableau or R Studio.

The most common use case for the BigID API is to automate repetitive tasks, like loading data sources.

Accessing the BigID Docs site requires a user account. You can request a user account by emailing support

BigID Apps[edit]

BigID Applications allow you to add your own business logic and UI to a BigID system. This means that you can add dashboards, synchronize BigID with an external system, or even add entire data governance applications.

BigID Applications are written in your programming language of choice as a web application. You also can use our partner Retool to create low-code BigID apps.

Introduction video to the BigID App Framework

There are two different types of BigID Apps: Utility and Interactive.

Utility Applications[edit]

Utility Applications allow you to run custom code at regular intervals or on-demand. Your custom code will be given a BigID API Token to access data from a BigID system.

Interactive Applications[edit]

Interactive Applications allow you to add additional screens to the BigID user interface. These applications get their authentication information using the BigID UI SDK.

Learn about our app developer curriculum on the AppDev Classes Page

BigID Connectors[edit]

Out of the box, BigID ships with 55+ connectors, but if you want insights using a non-standard or custom system, you have the option to create your own connector. Connectors are created with your programming language of choice as a REST API.

Information on the two different types of connectors is available on the Connectors Page

Learn about our connector developer curriculum on the ConnectorDev Classes Page